Hobo illusionerZ- Fire in the Ice

Hobo illusionerZ- Fire in the Ice

During the quarantine of 2021, hobo illusionerZ dreamed of a special video full filled with memories. Being a team for 10 years, dancing all over Greece and representing Greece in World Wide Festivals is a whole journey for each of the members. But making this kind of video project under very diffilcult conditions, was a goal.
This video is a part of the crew ID, reminds us where we started and where are after so many years, of loving what we do.
Hope you enjoy it !!

Produced by:
Cut1 Productions
Hoodgroove Managment
Hobo illusionerZ

Director/DOP: Alexandros Soumas
Camera Operator: Vasilis Zervos
Assistant Director: Sonia Kourtesopoulou
Editing: Alexandros Soumas
Key Grip: Marios Matas
1st Grip: Iraklis Sairon
Grip: Alexandros Tranopoulos

Special Thanks to: Manos Nikolenas

HXOSTOLISMOI , Dimitris Polyzos, Criterium.gr, Kapetanakis Optics Karakasi Xenia


Plessa Nancy
kollia Xrysa
Hila Stevens
Kourtidi Eleni
Stappa Kally
Matsaka Mary
Kapetanaki Sevi
Steka Voutsina Zoe
Tsitsiriggou Zoe
Stekas Voutsinas Konstantinos